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• Waiting to get the sales report for the brand activation done yesterday.
• Got it, but not sure how accurate is the report.
• May be it’s just the numbers put on the excel sheet.
• Not sure if the activation started or finished on time across all locations.
• Data on its own isn’t much use to anyone. What you need is information.
Do you know the difference between interest and commitment? When you’re interested in something, you do it only when it’s convenient. However when you’re committed to something you accept no excuses but results.

We at Red Cherry Marketing Management are committed to you and hence we ensure the best results by delivering concrete options for your organization by conducting research and providing attention to every business aspect.

Do you like to be noticed? Do you like to stand out? Imagine spending hours dressing up and getting absorbed in a crowd. How does it feel? Not Good! At Red Cherry Marketing Management we know how to make you stand out! Our close-knit team of consultants, researchers, and trainers bring passion and integrity to every project that we do, no matter how large or small. Our goal is to create strategies that help your operations thrive. We hold your finger and take you along all stages of planning, controlling and organizing. We have a passion for helping you identify and seize growth opportunities.

Our Team Aptitude
Being honest should go without saying, and shouldn’t even be something that needs to be reinforced, but we have observed the companies still try to squeeze with white lies. So be honest, that is really important for the company’s credibility and success.

RED CHERRY MARKETING MANAGEMENT introduce you to custom designed SMART SALES SYSTEM a real-time reporting system that you will be proud to showcase and explore, while providing actionable improvement plans Maximizing sales and win.

Smart Sales System Reporting gives you better insight into segmentation;
Reporting that is aligned to provide the insights needed to inform the marketing process and guide campaign development. Aligning segments to reporting, allows you to determine which segments are most profitable so you can increase targeting efficiency. This strategy provides you with a more accurate picture of which individual segments contribute to your Return of investment (ROI), which ones require greater attention and more resources, and which to eliminate.

Smart Sales System a Software tailored specially for In-Store brand activation’s, that sends information directly from the location of the activities, allowing you to monitor, in real-time, the results of your branding strategy.

Smart Sales System helps to measure the results of promotional and branding activities towards consumers, control projects costs, and optimize the customer impact of campaigns.
With this Smart Sales System tool you get much more than sales reporting software, you acquire a mobile technology solution that will strengthen and differentiate the relation of consumers to your brand within and out of the point of sale.

How many Applications Smart Sales System contents?
This system contents different applications to keep it on process.

Applications Function System Type
Promoters Allows Promoter’s to register the Time In/Time Out of their designated work location along with the Break In/ Break Out.

Allow promoters to scan barcodes of sold products and send information to the client. Android APP
Clients Where client can review Promoters Status (Time In/Time Out) & Sales status with time of sales. Web Programming

There’re more than 2 APP’s related to the programming department and these APP’s are connecting the above APP’s together and keep checking for any errors.

How does it work?

Each Sales promoter of the activation is equipped with a mobile device (Tablets, Smartphones) configured with its Smart Sales System application, that allows him/her to efficiently register the activity right from the exact time of starting the activation till closing time of activation.

As the activity progresses, the solution sends real-time sales data of the activation to Red Cherry Marketing Management servers.

Marketing, Trade Marketing and Commercial Managers, can follow-up the execution of brand activation activities through online indicators and reports that allow them to monitor daily results and take timely decisions, ensuring the success of promotional strategies and events.

The solution is optimized for PCs/Laptops as well as for any mobile device (Android, IPhone, IPad, Blackberry or Windows Mobile).

What are the Key features of this system?
Smart Sales System features always get updated for the newest technology, in every update, you will find a new feature to love and to help.

These are the basic key features that every Smart Sales System contents:
• Up to 40 user of Promoters APP in the same time.
• Unlimited Barcodes scanning.
• Promoter’s time in and time out plus the security signature.
• Promoter’s sales by time and location.

Why do you need Smart Sales System?

• Avoid any accounting mistakes.
• Live report about your sales and your promoter’s status.
• Supervision across all location of activation.
• Adding up a new technology features to business.
• Keep updating with promoters in every moment.
• Upgrade the regular way of providing sales status to your client through email or papers.
• Increase the Credibility between you and your clients.

These are just few points of why you need to Red Cherry Marketing Management – Smart Sales System.

Smart Sales System is a human who keeps tracking the sales status and watching promoter’s status with no emotional judgment.