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● Is your brand lacking rightful exposure?
● Are you looking for innovative means to market your product?
● Does your brand lack the loyalty and recognition it deserves?

In-store marketing in supermarkets has been growing with an array of creative & sophisticated vehicles delivering brand messages to shoppers as they push their carts through aisles. Brands are advertised on signs fastened to shelves, attached to displays, there are audio systems & TV monitors broadcasting a blend of brand messages & programming about shopping. “Consumers simply don’t have time to ‘study’ ad messages. They want relevant brand information when & where it is convenient for them”. Did you know that in-store sampling can increase sales of the sampled product by as much as 300% on the day of the promotion? How about that 75% of consumer purchase decisions happens in-store? “What remains important is that consumer live through the experience. It helps them decide what product to pick from the ever-growing smorgasbord of choices. What it all gets down to is one thing: differentiation”.

We believe that In-store Promotion is like having an extra salesman.
● If you want consumers to buy it, let them see it: The more stuff the consumer can see & touch without having to ask for it, the more likely he’ll become a buyer.
● If you’ve something special, feature it.

With the help & support of your marketing team we prepare an activity plans. These Plans will give you the complete information about the best-selected outlets/Venues/dates and will also give you complete information about the budget required to carry out the activity.
We have a team of professionals who train our Sales Staff in the form of correctly interpreting body language, skillful negotiation skill which is often necessary for the conversation of a “No” into a “Yes”; these trained Sales Staff have a good knowledge about the consumer’s behavior and psychology that helps them to increase the sales. Our highly dedicated staffs include people of different nationalities like Arab, Asian & European. They are well trained in presentation and marketing of the products.

Our strength lies in our team efforts and success in maintaining high level of training imparted to our staff promoting the products to the right target audience.
Our current and highly accurate data identifies which supermarkets and shopping centers are most viable for your product.
We then manage all logistics of the in-store campaign
● liaison with store managers for acquiring required approval to carry out the activation.
● Obtaining permission from the relevant government authorities
● Product Storage & warehousing.
● Selection of promotional staff.
● Right down to the design of the promotional stand and uniforms.

Red Cherry Marketing Management is a premier provider for in-store brand activations. Our stringent quality controls ensure your brand is represented exactly as intended and not just reaches, but surpasses, your objectives!

● Are you planning to introduce a new product in the market?
● Are you tired of communicating with various suppliers to help you in promoting & market your products?

Whether you’re launching a product, forecast meetings or inviting your closest friends to a party. We can make it happen. We endow with full range of event management services to meet our customer’s needs.

● Create events that are memorable, targeted, interesting and fun
● Work invisibly but proactively ensuring that the client remains at the forefront
● Use our wide range of contacts to cut costs without cutting corners
● Create events that exceed expectations yet remain within budget

Our goal is to offer a flexible service that helps you to strengthen and promote your brand or image.

There are times when you have promotional ideas but no time to pursue them. By offering a ‘One Stop Shop’ RED CHERRY can help you pull together the people and resources to help change ideas into reality.

We can help you organize a wide range of events, including but not limited to:

● Road shows
● Door To Door Sampling
● Fun Days
● Gala Dinners
● Charity Events
● Weddings
● Staff Events
● Themed Events
● Christmas Parties
● Fashion Shows
● Exhibitions

We can also facilitate you with a wide range of services, including:

● Sourcing venues
● Catering
● Event transportation
● Ticketing
● Staff
● Arranging accommodation
● Sourcing speakers
● Arranging entertainment
● Arranging promotional staff
● Design and marketing

Rental and Hire Services:

● Light and Intelligent Lighting
● Audio and Sound Equipment
● Lasers
● DJ’s
● Videos
● Entertainers
● Projectors

RED CHERRY Marketing Management exists of people that have vast experience in the Management & Marketing.
To enlarge our range of solutions and number of experts, we work together with partners with whom we cooperate since long. So we are able to deliver & realize specialized solutions.
Red Cherry Marketing Management make immediate contributions towards your company’s strategic business objectives and can cost effectively provide you as broad or narrow a scope of services as your situation requires.

RED CHERRY Marketing Management thinks about ways to increase your company’s profits and productivity. Our goal is to make your business more successful and competitive.

Our company works primarily as an Event & Marketing Management Consultant. We become the executioner arm of your marketing program, whether it be one market or nationwide. Because of Our commitment to remain a small company (low overhead) you know you will receive 100% hands-on service & Big Agency quality without the Big Agency fees.Our purpose in RED CHERRY Marketing Management is to anticipate the aspirations of our Clients and Customers and to respond creatively and competitively with branded products and services, which raise the quality of life.

RED CHERRY Marketing Management operates in UAE, KSA, Qatar, Kuwait & Oman through leading malls & exhibitions.